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    There has never been such a high demand for Licenced Security Officers as there is in today's job market. Security personnel is required by private industry, institutions, public facilities, casinos, and many more businesses. Opportunities are endless for both men and women can easily  find a career in this vast industry. If you are 19 years old or up, have a good working knowledge of  the English language and no criminal record, you may become a Licenced Security Officer. Most security  positions do not require or encourage any physical intervention with the public. Although there is no physical component to the BST course, the Advanced Security Training (Handcuffing) course may be taken to supplement the BST course. Should physical training be desired the applicant is encouraged to become active in a local Dojo or martial arts training club. 



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    Today the demand for Licenced Security workers is at an all time high. Northern BC Guard Academy is BC’s premier training centre and is your first step on your way to a rewarding and profitable career. The Basic Security Training Certificate (BST) will prepare you for a career in protection of property and crime prevention. The Northern BC Guard Academy is not affiliated with any particular security companies and will train personnel from any agency. We focus on increasing the skills and knowledge of each individual student enabling them to have a safe and litigious free career.
   Northern BC Guard Academy in Prince George would like to let all our friends and clients know that we are remaining open for business. We would like to introduce Jason Gillis as our new owner/operator. Presently Jason Gillis is a member of the RCMP in Prince George. He has been with the RCMP for 23 years and works in a variety of specialized services.  Prior to becoming a member he worked all throughout the North and Prince George area giving him a vast knowledge of security and law enforcement. He is looking forward to your continued support and will be holding to the same high standards as before. Please feel free to contact him with any questions at :

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