Northern Bc Security Solutions


     Northern BC Security Solutions(NBCSS), the sister company to Northern B C Guard Academy is our newest tool to assist you in the Security Worker Licencing process. We have found it wasn’t uncommon for successful Basic Security Training course applicants would delay or not complete their Security Worker Licence for various reasons. Access to a computer, support or even funding made the process difficult. When you apply for your Security Worker Licence you must be finger printed at the police station, get a Criminal Records check, obtain a passport quality photograph and prepare the assorted documents. This process can be overwhelming for those who have limited or no computer skills, no access to a computer, no support services, funding or the means to complete the application.

NBCSS is a service to the applicant who has successfully completed the Basic Security Training course and now must apply for their Security Worker Licence. With this service we complete all required documents, take a passport quality photograph, complete a criminal record check and take the fingerprints. We pay for one (or more) year of Security Licencing at the request of the applicant. We also forward the documents via expedited registered mail to the Ministry of Justice on behalf of the applicant. This is normally completed during the Basic Security Course. When we receive confirmation of a successful outcome, the documents are submitted on the applicant’s behalf.

The applicant will be required to produce two pieces of Government issued photo ID along with a copy of their Birth Certificate. The documents are then prepared, checked over by the applicant (for accuracy) and signed. They must also be finger printed, pose for a passport quality photograph that will be forwarded with their licence application. This application is made with the assistance of the applicant to ensure its completeness and accuracy

The cost of this service would be $ 310.00 for one year of licence and $60.00 for each additional year to a maximum of three years. This includes one year of Security Licencing ($120.00), passport quality photograph ($7.50 to $25.00), Criminal Records Check (free to $ 160.00), sending the application by expedited mail ($15.00) and preparing the documents.

Northern BC Security Solutions is not authorized to approve, challenge of reject any application. This is the sole responsibility of the B C Ministry of Justice. Nor can Northern BC Security Solutions control the amount of time the application or approval process will take.

The submission of the Security Worker Licencing forms is completed as assistance to the applicant. The accuracy of the application depends entirely on the information the application contains. Information that is incorrect or left out may result in the rejection or delay of an application, therefore it is important that the information provided is complete and accurate.

By using our services we can ensure your application is completed correctly and submitted in a timely manner. This is just one more way of ensuring your success.